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Estate planning can be defined as arranging for and anticipating some future events which is like insuring yourself by planning for your properties. There are many things a human being can tell it will happen but cannot specifically predict the period that that will happen and that is why planning becomes very important to wait for that event. Many events can be planned for and predicting the time for instance when you will have children went to marry and so on but you cannot predict when you will die or when diseases will get with you and incapacitate you. Planning your estate means that you put different measures to ensure that even after your death or when diseases make you incapable of making an arrangement, your properties are taken care of or divided according to your wishes.

You don’t have to wait for you to be incapacitated to start planning ,it is important that you start as early as possible because it is impossible to predict events such as death. If you want to estate plan, there are many measures that you can put in place as a way of anticipating such events. Many people are anticipating events such as death and incapacitation, they write a will which is are tool commonly used by many people especially when giving their wishes on distribution of the properties.It is possible also to have a living will which takes effect even when you are alive unlike the will which take effects upon your death. Trust is another important estate planning tool and this is like a will but it is in the case of a minor who is to inherit the properties. The estate planning tools are many that you can engage with as you do your planning for example, you can use power of appointment, property ownership, gift, power of attorney, beneficiary designation to name but a few.

When putting the plan in writing, you can decide to do-it-yourself but most importantly it is important that you engage an estate planning attorney. Some taxes are levied upon your properties and an attorney is very helpful because they can help in reducing the taxes or avoiding the taxes all the same. An attorney should be involved in the process of estate planning because upon your death family conflicts may arise on the division of the properties you have left and the attorney becomes your voice and the most important person that can adhere to your will to ensure it is fulfilled. Understanding the law is very important especially when it comes to the will because for the will to take effect, the court has to allow that through the probate process and having an attorney can help you in reducing the probate process.Therefore, be sure that you work with a professional and an experienced estate planning attorney for your will to be effective.

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