The Best of Be My Travel Muse: At-Home Reading Edition

Itineraries and packing lists have their place. They’re helpful and an essential part of a travel blog. But let’s be honest, it’s hard to get immersed in reading a packing list.

I love writing stories and long reads as well. Writing has been a long-time love of mine. I used to write long stories as a kid, and enjoyed writing essays in school (chemistry, not so much).

That love still runs deep, so we’ve collected the best of the blog for you for at-home reading. Things that are motivating, stories from abroad, and more:

The Best Travel Stories

Hitchhiking in China (in quite a lovely outfit, to boot)

Mozambique – realizing I’d go alone, Loving Maputo (the place everyone warned me about) and the people I met along the way.

China – when I met Ya Ting, hitchhiked in China with her, had amazing adventures in remote places, then decided to go it alone.

My first silent meditation retreat – 10 days of silence in Thailand.

Hitchhiking in Chile – in some of the most remote places I’ve ever been, in unimaginable beauty, and sometimes in the back of a Mack truck.

Road tripping solo in the American Southwest and visiting the ‘Last Free Place in America’.

Motivation & Inspiration

sossusvlei namibia

My Best Morning Routines for Productivity and Happiness — eight healthy ways I like to get my day started.

What is Tantra? How this Ancient Tradition Can Empower Women (and Men) — debunking myths about Tantra.

Beautiful Chakra Meditations for Each of Your 7 Chakras — a crash course on the body’s seven main chakras.

Earth Star Chakra: What It Is & Why It Matters — all about one lesser-known chakra.

Meditations for Girl Bosses — self-care specifically for entrepreneurs.

The Importance of Digital Detoxing — five ways to unplug and disconnect from technology.

Personal Reflection

It Took Me 33 Years to Learn This Lesson — the importance of self-love.

A Letter to My 21-Year-Old Self on My 31st Birthday — on everything from spending time alone to the emptiness of money and fame.

34 Things I Know to Be True on my 34th Birthday — more years, more travel, more wisdom.

20 Questions from my 20s on my 32nd Birthday — questions we all ask from time to time.

10 Questions from 2 Years of Traveling the World – an award-winning self-reflection (first place for Best Writing in a Travel Blog at the Cinnamon Travel Blogger Awards 2016).

Books, Books, Books

The 28 Most Empowering Books all Female Travelers Should Read — powerful literature by women, for women.

The Best Self-Help Books for Women — from taking risks to being present and everything in between.

The Books and Websites that Changed My Point of View — the words of these ten individuals will likely change yours, too.

More Books that May Change Your Life — another handful of insightful reads.


Life is Short, When Will You Decide to Live? — the power of deciding to live the way we want to, not the way we think we’re supposed to.

Does Being Pro-Woman Mean Being Anti-Man? — an honest look at what feminism really stands for.

Why Making a Five-Year Plan is a Waste of Time — choosing the beauty of spontaneity and being present.

I Gazed Into A Stranger’s Eyes for 45 Minutes and This is What Happened — an unforgettable experience at Burning Man.

When You Were A Child, What Did You Dream You’d Become? — you’re never too old to chase your dreams!

Why is Body Shaming Still A Thing? — radical self-love as a weapon against internet trolls.

The Ways in Which We Create Our Reality — the power of positivity, the law of attraction, and more.

The Be My Travel Muse Story

The Shoulder Surgery that Pushed Me to Travel — how it all began!

31 of Your Questions and My Answers — readers’ frequently asked questions about travel, blogging, and the road ahead.

The Be My Travel Muse Story — everything you’ve ever wanted to know about my travel blogging journey.

I hope you’re curled up somewhere with a warm beverage, enjoying what you find here.

What are some of your favorite reads on the blog?

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