The Best No Equipment Workout Videos

When I was 14, my sister decided to become a yoga and Pilates instructor and brought me to some of her classes at the local gym. I remember thinking how unnecessary all of the weights and machines were when it was perfectly grueling to exercise on a mat just the size of a pool floaty.

As many buff dudes used to weight lifting learn while they struggle through their first Pilates class, using one’s own body weight as resistance can be murderous, depending on the position or pose. It’s also great for your back and, most likely constricted body, due to all this time we’re suddenly spending at home.

Over the years of equipment free workouts in hotel room spaces, these are some of the best equipment-free workout videos I’ve found. Best of all, they’re all free:


The first YouTube workout I found was Blogilates by Cassey Ho. She’s grown tremendously since I started following her and who couldn’t love her? She’s peppy, cheers me on through the whole workout, and is creative with her workout moves so I stay stimulated.

Her videos last anywhere from 7-ish to over 30 minutes, and many target one key area of the body. Just remember to find a stretch video afterwards because almost none of her workouts include that crucial last step.


This video has been one of my favorites for years. Her abs videos are all challenging especially as a beginner, which I love because I want results!


Her PIIT series is one of my favorites, with plenty of cardio thrown in to make it a more effective small-space workout. Not all of the movements are apartment or hotel-room friendly due to the jumping around, but I’ve got you covered with the next suggestion.

Apartment-Friendly Workouts

This curated list has most if not all of Cassey’s apartment-friendly workouts, which are perfect for getting your sweat on without making much noise.

Popsugar Fitness

I love this channel for the variety of exercises and excellent teachers. They have everything from dance to Pilates and almost all of it is equipment-free.

The instructors are often funny, very personable, and great at what they do. I haven’t yet found a Popsugar workout I didn’t love. These are my personal favorites out of the hundreds this channel offers:

30-Minute Butt and Abs Pilates Bikini Workout 

This workout is killer, but Jake Dupree is so entertaining, I don’t even mind. I like to work out to this particular video when it’s been a while which, let’s be honest, is a position I find myself in often. It’s a great whole body workout that is almost guaranteed to make you sweat.

30-Minute No-Equipment Abs and Butt-Toning Workout

I love Brittne’s energy and especially love that she pays special care to strengthening the back. It’s such an important part of our body, especially with lots of sitting.

30-Minute Belly Dancing Workout For a Toned Core

Why not learn how to belly dance and get a workout at the same time? Haven’t you kinda always wanted to learn?

Dance Tutorials

I still want to sweat even if I don’t have equipment or a lot of space to work with. I love that dance workouts don’t require a mat, which I don’t always have on me.

Some of these are choreography, which means you’ll be doing it over and over again if you want to learn the routine. I love when a workout has me that engaged!

Yummy Dance Tutorial | Matt Steffanina

I’m gonna say it, I like J Biebs. When I saw this tutorial, even though it was super fast-paced and looked particularly difficult, I knew if I could master it I’d feel super accomplished

Matt’s tutorials will likely take you several hours and multiple days to get down if you don’t have a dance background (which I do not), and that’s why I love them. I’m really challenging myself while also finding an addictive workout. For real, though, about 50 of those views are from me!

Learn to Twerk

I’ve taken a few twerk-shops now and let me just tell you what a great party trick it is. Twerking and perfecting it over time is one of my favorite activities with my girlfriends. Oh, the stories I have.

Dance Sassy

I love this routine for the sensual side of it. It’s a nice contrast to the super quick pace of Matt Steffanina’s choreo. I also appreciate that this one is taught by a dancing troupe of ladies.

Yoga with Adriene

I love how much variety Adriene offers with her yoga classes, plus she often has specific yoga practices for whatever you wish to achieve, like more vulnerability or creativity. This kind of offering is what I think sets her apart.

30 Days of Yoga Playlist

Why not embark on 30 free days of yoga if you suddenly find yourself isolated with lots of time on your hands? I never signed up for a yoga studio before because I wasn’t home enough, but online? That I can do!

Awaken the Artist Within

Whoa I don’t just get a workout, I get to awaken my artist within? Sign me up!

Yoga for Vulnerability

I love how gentle this class is. It’s so grounding, and is great self care. Adriene’s is also a rare channel where I love reading the comments. It’s nice knowing that others are doing this with you.

Bailey Brown

What I like about Bailey’s workouts are their short nature. I sometimes struggle to talk myself into a 30-minute workout but I do have 5-10 minutes. Everyone can carve out 5 minutes. Once I’m done with that first 5 I’m usually ready to keep going and will often move onto Blogilates after.

Standing Abs with No Equipment

I’m always looking for videos that don’t even require a mat so 6 minutes of standing abs wins in my book. Here’s another, slightly longer one, because sometimes we have 13 whole minutes to spare.

5 Minute Inner Thigh Burn

Because how often do you really think about working out your inner thighs?

A Playlist of Lower Body Workouts

For when you want to tone that booty and love to switch the workout up often.


When I asked you guys about your favorite at-home workouts on Instagram several of you suggested MadFit. Upon checking out the channel I love that she has some partner workouts, and plenty that truly require no equipment. Here are some of my early faves:

10 Minute Partner Workout

Although this one says ‘couples’ any partner duo would work. It’s a great way to bond if you and whoever you live with need some healthy distractions.

Full body HIIT (Low Impact)

Quite unfortunately all of that backpacking with weight has taken its toll on my knees and I prefer low-impact workouts whenever possible. Plus, this one won’t make much noise!

Dua Lipa – Break My Heart Full Body Workout

It’s a workout and a dance routine at the same time! This is another workout that doesn’t really require a mat, in case you’re without one.

While there are thousands, if not more, free workout videos on YouTube, these are my personal favorites in top-down order. Over time, as YouTube learns more of what you like, it’ll present you with a myriad of options to choose from.

I hope you enjoy these equipment-free workouts! What are some of your favorites?

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