My Favorite Comfy Clothes for Women

When it comes to traveling, lounging, working, or basically anything in life, I try to get away with wearing comfy clothes as often as possible.

My biggest issue with them is they can sometimes be frumpy, not look very stylish, and can come across as lazy, and I, for one, want to be both classy and comfy at the same time.

Is that too much to ask? I submit that it is not.

Sometimes that feels like a tall order, which is why I set out to find a solution.

Misty Mountains high-waisted yoga leggings

I came up with Wanderbabe Clothing while getting ready for a long-haul flight. I was squeezing into my usual leggings, wishing they were less restrictive and had more playful, beautiful patterns.

I wondered what it might be like to place the chakras and flower of life on the legs, or moon phases on the night sky. I wanted to be reminded of the important things in life like nature, empowerment, and the cosmos. Thus, Wanderbabe Clothing was born.

We put empowering mantras on shirts and sweatshirts, created adorable leggings, and most of all, it’s all super duper comfy.

How They’re Made

It’s also important to me that what I put out there is ethical. All of the garments are made in North America in WRAP – Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production – certified factories.

80% of the items are made using solar energy and are created with processes that use 7x less water than typical clothing manufacturers. The factories follow fair labor practices and put a heavy emphasis on recycling as much clothing as possible.

Pink Moonrise high-waisted leggings: Designed by me

All of the leggings are designed by me, using real photos of nebulas and hand painted images of the moon, photos of mountains, or computer-generated images of the chakras and flowers of life for optimal color popping, eye-catching designs.

These chakra leggings are one of my favorites.

I worked closely with an LA-based designer to create the T-shirt designs. You can see her wearing one below:

Shout out to Hanna wearing the Float Like a Butterfly muscle tank!

The items all had to be super soft to pass the Kristin test, super cute to end up on our website, and super empowering.

Rocking the “Future is Female” muscle tank and Many Purple Moons high-waisted leggings

I wanted to put something out there that was fashionable, would satisfy my inner six-year-old, and would be empowering to wear. I want women to feel amazing in my clothes, and it’s been incredible to have this creative outlet to work on.

One of my favorite tees – the Tree Lover slouchy soft shirt

Even though traveling isn’t possible at the moment, I wanted to create something that would be perfect for planes, trains, hotel beds, hiking, exploring, and the beach.

I wanted to create conversation pieces and to make things that women of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and vibes would enjoy.

This crop GOAL digger sweatshirt is amazingly soft!

The result is Wanderbabe Clothing, a brand I can proudly say I created with the help of a few talented women.

Our Promise

The “Future is Female” fitted tee is made from 100% cotton using solar energy.

As we grow, my aim is to move to completely biodegradable packaging, to offer organic options, and to even move towards recycled materials for our leggings.

We also only make items when they’re ordered, thereby cutting down on wasted items and wasted energy.

Finally, and most importantly, each month 10% of our proceeds go towards making the world a better place, whether in conservation, education, or medicine. This month, we’re donating to Doctors Without Borders.

Love the baseball tees!

*A note on COVID – there are delays right now with our manufacturing and shipping, as there are for almost every company out there, but we’re committed to getting these beauties out to you while still practicing social distancing in our manufacturing facilities.

And trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

I hope you love these as much as I do.

Wander on.

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