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How to Design an Effective Catchy and Memorable Book Cover

When you have so many books vying for readers’ attention, a striking cover can make all the difference. So this now poses the question: what makes a book cover successful?

If you’ve decided to self-publish your book, here are pointers to help you in the cover design process:


Give the cover focus – this is the most important. Your book conveys something, and its cover has to reflect that one exact idea distinctly. Don’t overcrowd your cover with too many items.

Picture your book cover like a billboard, trying to capture people’s attention while they speed by. Effective billboards have 6 words max. You need to get the message within 5 seconds at 60 mph. That applies to your book cover. Just one glance from your prospects and they should know your book’s genre, focus, and tone.


Whatever you include in your design should have a role in your communication with the reader. Each element should count.


Don’t use a white background as this will disappear on on retailers’ white screens. Create something with texture or an illustration instead. You wouldn’t want to lose sales because of something as trivial yet completely avoidable as this.


Reduce your cover design to about the size of an Amazon thumbnail and see if it’s still readable. You want to make it readable.

Talking about readability, choose a font that’s easy to read even when reduced radically. Also, stay away from those thin and lacy script typefaces – they usually become invisible when small.


Choose an image that clarifies instead of being too literal. For example, it may expresses the mood or the era during which the events took place.


This may be tricky as your choice of colors will clearly depend on the general theme or tone of your book. Rule of thumb is, don’t use too many, or readers will be distracted. Also explore some color palettes online to see what combinations can work well for your book.


Remember, you don’t want to copy anyone’s work, but you can always get inspiration and ideas from them. You won’t believe how this can help you create your own ideas and concepts.

Book Cover Design Software

If you’re going to self-publish your book and self-design your cover, using software created for this purpose can make things more efficiently. You won’t have to worry about the technicalities because the software will take care of that for you. And thanks to that, you can concentrated on getting those creative juices to flow.

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