5 Hotel Facilities You Must Enjoy During Your Stay!

Staying at a Hotel will provide a separate experience for those of you who are on vacation alone or with family. Each hotel provides different facilities depending on the type. Star hotels certainly offer more complete facilities. While low budget hotels have limited facilities but the price is cheaper.

Getting a hotel that has good facilities, of course, has become a mandatory menu that must be known for those of you who are on vacation so that the traveling activities carried out can be more comfortable and safe because we get a proper resting place.

By having sufficient rest and a comfortable place, our traveling activities will be more enjoyable, because we are really fresh to continue our activities to visit other tourist objects that we have not had time to visit the previous day.

While resting at the hotel is the right time for us to pamper ourselves a little, well, there are several facilities that we can use when staying at a hotel that is a shame to miss.

Must-Enjoy Hotel Facilities

  1. Swimming pool

One of the facilities that must be utilized while staying at the hotel is the swimming pool. This facility is a bonus. So as a hotel guest, you don’t need to pay extra for these facilities.

Many hotels are also competing to provide various swimming pool facilities. Some offer infinity pool facilities, some are indoor, and some are outdoor. In addition, the swimming pool provided at the hotel is also designed to spend time with family because there is a special swimming pool for children.

  1. Fitness Center

Sports activities at the hotel are not only swimming, but you can use the fitness equipment provided at the fitness center. Apart from relaxing, you can also maintain your health. Especially if you are on a business trip with a busy schedule.

The sports facilities provided by the hotel do not end there. In fact, there are some hotels that provide specialized sports coaches. Some also provide exercise classes with every morning or evening.

  1. Premium TV Channels

A hotel is a place of accommodation, so the facilities provided in the room must of course be of high quality. First, the mattress and bedding provided must of course give a comfortable impression for those who want to rest. Second is the TV channel given. All hotels, especially star hotels, usually provide not only local TV channels but also international TV channels.

There are even some hotels that provide game facilities with TV or play movies in the cinema. If you are confused about what to do at the hotel, you can watch television while enjoying the soft mattress provided.

  1. Spa

In some big cities and near the beach, most hotels provide spa facilities. A spa is one of the most common facilities because spa can refresh and help relax from fatigue and daily busyness. The choices are also very diverse, some provide Thai massage, massage with hot stones, and to massage with chocolate. There are spas that are provided free of charge, others charge a fee.

We recommend that you ask the receptionist about what free facilities you get before you enjoy these facilities. This way, you won’t feel trapped and can vacation on a budget.

  1. Restaurant

In general, in a hotel, there is more than 1 place to eat. There is the main restaurant, there is also a cafe or lounge. The restaurant in the hotel is one of the facilities that can be enjoyed, both by hotel guests, and guests who do not stay at the hotel.

With various types of food, you can eat as much as you want, and satisfying service is the main attraction of eating at the hotel. In addition to the main meal, you can also enjoy the afternoon by spending time in the café or lounge accompanied by live music.

For you hotel residents, you don’t have to pay extra to eat breakfast at the hotel. But if your booking does not include breakfast or you are not staying at the hotel, then you have to pay.

There are so many facilities offered by the hotel, right? Especially if you stay at the best hotels in Singapore, you will find a variety of even more facilities that you can take advantage of. Therefore, don’t miss the hotel facilities that are offered. Happy holidays and have a nice day!

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