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9 Exquisite Daily Self-Care Ideas

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Self-care is about taking action to preserve one’s bodily and mental health. Quite simply, we only have one body and one mind, so it’s essential that we put these things first in life, no?

Except it’s rarely that simple. Other things like, well, life get in the way and sometimes self care feels out of reach or oddly selfish.

That’s backwards, though. Can we agree that self care is not self-indulgent, or at all an irresponsible use of time? We can? Great. We have a responsibility to care for ourselves.

Without caring for ourselves we can hardly care for others, so if you’re finding yourself stressed, burnt out, or just want to keep up a healthy practice, you’ve come to the right place. These are 9 of my favorite self care routines and ideas to make it enjoyable and easy.

Create Consistency

Benefit of waking up early consistently?
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How Will Travel Be Different?

When I worked in finance, we based our projections of how a company might perform in the future on historical data. A flawed method given nobody can know the future, but it was all we had.

In the world of travel, trends and past data helped us plan for the future, however in this unprecedented time, with freedom and movement restricted in a global way, how can we have any clarity? Few could have predicted how things have gone so far, and since nobody has a crystal ball, anything people share about how travel will change is just an idea.

The future is unknowable. Always has been and always will be. Yet I think on a soul level, there are some changes we will see in the future of travel. I might not know the when or how, but I do want a different why. These are my promises

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The Best No Equipment Workout Videos

When I was 14, my sister decided to become a yoga and Pilates instructor and brought me to some of her classes at the local gym. I remember thinking how unnecessary all of the weights and machines were when it was perfectly grueling to exercise on a mat just the size of a pool floaty.

As many buff dudes used to weight lifting learn while they struggle through their first Pilates class, using one’s own body weight as resistance can be murderous, depending on the position or pose. It’s also great for your back and, most likely constricted body, due to all this time we’re suddenly spending at home.

Over the years of equipment free workouts in hotel room spaces, these are some of the best equipment-free workout videos I’ve found. Best of all, they’re all free:


The first YouTube workout I found was Blogilates by Cassey Ho. She’s

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What It Is & Why It Matters

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You may have seen me talk about chakras on the blog before. Maybe you’ve read some of my other posts about them (on the seven Earth chakras and on meditations for each of the main chakras), or maybe you have no idea what a chakra is! Either way, keep reading to learn about something I’ve never talked about before: the earth star chakra.

What is a chakra?

It’s all about energy!

In a nutshell, a chakra is a center of energy in the body.

Anodea Judith, a spiritual teacher, therapist, and author of nine books on chakra healing, describes chakras as “organs in the energetic body,” “the architecture of the soul,” and, “an energetic expression of who we are.” Similarly, New York Times bestselling author and master energy healer Deborah King explains that “the chakras hold the secrets to how you feel about yourself and your

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15 Wonderful Things to Do at Home

I’m sure most of us would rather be doing anything that being stuck at home (or maybe not? Maybe you’re loving being a homebody?), but regardless, spending large amounts of time indoors and solo requires a certain level of creativity to keep things interesting.

Challenge accepted, though, because I’m determined to make this time fun, productive, and worth it. You too? Let’s dive into some of the best things to do at home that are healthy, engaging, and worthwhile:

15. Try New Recipes

I used to think I cooked a lot, but I’m realizing now that never in my life have I eaten so much at home. Cooking is a pain for many people, but it can be very therapeutic and even relaxing once you simplify it.

Batch cook: I find that soups and pasta sauces do pretty well batch cooked. I tend to make two times the recommended recipe

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How to Be Alone

I used to get depressed if I was alone for more than a few hours. I found solo time difficult, boring, and pointless. This was back in my 20s, when my view of myself was entirely constructed from the reflections of other people.

Imagine my aversion to traveling solo. It was only when I was confident I would easily meet others that I decided to actually go for it. My biggest fear had always been being alone.

8 Years of traveling alone later, I savor my alone time and seek it out purposefully. I know it’s strange to say, but I’m having a nice time during isolation! If you’re going crazy because you’re alone right now, you might think I’m insane for holding this perspective. Though I resisted it at first, over the past eight years of traveling solo, including camping, backpacking, and hitchhiking totally alone, I came to

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