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How To Housesit Your Way Around The World

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When I first discovered Housesitting, I felt like I had struck gold. Is it really possible to stay in a stranger’s beautiful home for free, cuddle with their pets, use their kitchen, sleep in a nice bed all the while continuing to travel and explore the world? As I would soon come to discover, yes, yes it is!

My first housesit was a hilltop home in Marin County, California with fantastic views from the balcony and acres of wooded trails to explore. My charges were two small energetic dogs – Red and Robin – and one very fluffy cat. I spent my days exploring nearby parks with the dogs, drinking local wine and eating my way through delicious California cuisine. A few months later I headed to another housesit on Whidbey Island outside of Seattle where I explored Ebey State Park and hung out with two miniature horses. 

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The Solo Female Traveler’s Guide to Japan

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Japan has long intrigued travelers with its unique culture, delicious and healthy food, beautiful countryside, and fascinating capital city, full of technological wonders. It’s easy to see why people adore it.

For the solo traveler, Japan may not immediately come to mind as a great choice. It’s true that the country’s language and cultural differences may take a little getting used to, but after traveling to Japan, I feel that it’s perfect for solo female travelers. Here’s why:

Solo Travel Safety

niijima japan shinto shrine

Japan is safe according to the Global Peace Index, which ranked Japan as the ninth most peaceful country in the world based on violent crime, safety and security, and other peace factors. You may even notice Japanese people saving seats at restaurants by placing their wallets on the table. Talk about trust!

That said, solo travelers should be aware of sexual harassment in Japan. While I haven’t

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The Solo Female Traveler’s Guide to Thailand

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They say you never forget your first love, and for me that rings true of Thailand. I can’t help my soft spot for the country—it was where I began my life as a solo female traveler.

I’ve now spent a cumulative five months in the country and every visit is just as magical as the first time. Thailand offers so many experiences that every type of traveler can appreciate, even when you inevitably return and want something different from your trip. Here’s my guide to making the most of your trip to Thailand as a solo female traveler:

Solo Travel Safety

womens spiritual retreat

Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia, bringing in over 60 billion USD annually from tourism. Thai people welcome tourists as an integral part of the economy. I found that even during rural excursions, people were friendly to me. The country strives to uphold its

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Best Beaches on the East Coast

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The East Coast’s beaches are some of the most diverse in the country. Coastal cultures of all kinds exist here: from historic towns to fun-filled bar scenes, the beach bum opportunities are endless. But in my humble opinion, not all are created equal.

Here are some of the best beaches you’ll find out East, starting from the northeast going south:

Goose Rocks Beach, Maine

As the northernmost state on the East Coast, Maine doesn’t immediately bring images of sun-kissed skin and sandy toes. Good thing beaches like Goose Rocks Beach prove naysayers wrong. Goose Rocks is three miles of soft sand and mild waves (thanks to barrier island protection), making it a prime vacation spot for Northeastern and Canadian visitors.

Water temperature at Goose Rocks settles in the 60s at its highest, which can be a little cold for some. But if you come during the summer’s peak

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How to Find the Middle of Nowhere

The stars were brighter than I’d ever seen that night. The sky was so open out there and with no evidence of human civilization to obstruct it, I felt suddenly at home, and also beautifully alone.

The road to get there had been crazy for the minivan rental I was driving. I got stuck on a cattle grate and had to floor it over. I was driving sideways in a non-4 x 4 to get there without any cell signal. I admit it wasn’t my brightest moment. But looking back on the highlights of my life, this is kind of a pattern.

I was after this

I know that especially now, thanks to the ‘Rona, many people are seeking these uncrowded places, which provided you’re prepared, can be a wonderful thing.

I live for these moments. I strive for the places that I don’t have to share, and perhaps surprisingly,

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The Ultimate Savannah Guide

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Savannah is a Southern city with more than enough charm to go around. Much of Savannah’s architecture has either been preserved or restored, which combines with the surrounding oak trees to create a historical atmosphere. But while the quaint architecture feels like a step back into Antebellum times, the nightlife gives the city a pulse.

There are a ton of different ways to explore Savannah. Ghost tours are particularly famous here since the city is nearly 290 years old. You can also opt to see the city through trolley tours, walking tours, food tours… you get the point.

But if you want to walk the city’s streets without a guide, Savannah is definitely doable on your own. You can sufficiently explore the city over a weekend, though many people come back for longer because of its fairy tale-like atmosphere.

Here are my top things to do in Savannah:

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