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The Best Places to See California’s Wildflowers & Superblooms

It’s no secret that California is the land of warm sunshine and stunning stretches of coastline; however, the Golden State is also home to amazing springtime wildflowers! All across the state, spring brings colorful displays of nature’s best blossoms, sometimes so concentrated and intensely beautiful that it’s referred to as a superbloom. No matter which part of California you like best, here’s where to check out amazing wildflowers and superblooms:

Northern California

The Best Places to See California's Wildflowers & Super Blooms
A field of coastal wildflowers in Humboldt County’s King Range National Conservation Area

King Range National Conservation Area

The King Range National Conservation Area, located in Humboldt County, protects 68,000 acres along 35 miles of California’s north coast. Established in 1970, it was the first National Conservation Area in the country. Today, it offers more than 80 miles of hiking trails and is home to breathtaking springtime blooms like the one pictured above, as the hillsides erupt

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The Ultimate Utah National Parks Road Trip

Utah is home to some incredible sights, the most notable being its five national parks. “The Big Five” consist of Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks, which are nicknamed for good reason. Millions of visitors each year to see the parks’ unique natural environments and iconic Southwestern scenery.

And what better way to see explore the area than a road trip? Grab your road trip essentials and download some podcasts for the drive, because this is one adventure you’ll want to remember!

Arches National Park

Double arches!

Located four miles north of Moab, Arches National Park is home to over 2,000 natural stone arches. About a million visitors per see this park’s formations, with the most iconic being Delicate Arch—a landmark so iconic it’s even pictured on Utah license plates! The park’s desert location brings beautiful starry night skies thanks to great air quality

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Which Travel Blogging Course Can Make You Money in 2020?

Welcome to 2020. A year when so many travel career options are in flux and there are questions around how to survive and even thrive in this kind of environment. When everything seems so hostile towards travel, is travel blogging still a viable career option?

What if I told you that my ad revenues are paying higher than they ever have before, that my friends who focus on domestic travel have had some of their biggest months yet, even back in May and June, and that I’ve been able to pivot, expand my product offerings, and keep my employees paid and the blog running despite everything?

I admit, it looked dire in March, but 2020 will still, after all, be a six-figure year for Be My Travel Muse. So yes, travel blogging is still worth your while, but only if your strategy is on point and you’re ready to innovate.

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The Ultimate Camping Alone Guide for Solo Female Campers

Can you safely camp alone? Why would you want to? Isn’t it boring, scary, or difficult to do?

These are all questions that went through my mind before I tried and came to love my solo camping and hiking experiences.

Just like solo traveling the world, there are numerous benefits to solo camping, not least of which is the sense of accomplishment and resourcefulness you build when you go it alone. Being so at one with nature is incredibly healing as well. I love it so much these days, I camp alone as much as possible!

It doesn’t have to be rocket science, either. In this post I will tell you all about how to do it easily, safely, and enjoyably. Without further ado, here’s my ultimate guide to camping alone like a boss for solo female campers:

How to Pick a Campsite:

best hikes in washington - maple pass

Campsites can vary from a paved

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Hiking at Night? Read This First

Imagine the Milky Way crisper and clearer than you have ever seen it. Imagine the moment when you realize that yes, it really looks the way in person that it does in professional photos. Or perhaps the rising full moon over a glittering lake or ocean, the reward for a tough upward climb.

Imagine hiking up to a mountain top or vista to watch as the sun rises over a bay, mountain range, lake, or great basin. Or perhaps you’re catching the end of the day as the sky turns orange and brilliant red over beautiful natural landscapes.

glacier national park things to do hidden lake
Photos from my night hike in Glacier National Park in Montana

This is why I hike in the dark. I crave these moments when fewer people are on the trail, when I can enjoy the tranquility of nature, and when I can do a tough hike without the sun beating down on

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6 of the Best Hikes in Washington State

Just below Canada and to Idaho’s west, Washington is home to islands, fjords, temperate rainforests, dramatic mountain ranges, and glacier-carved bays reminiscent of scenes one might see in Scandinavia.

I’d been seeing moody and awe-inspiring photos of the ‘PNW’ for years and had been dreaming of my own Washington adventure. Finally this summer, I got a gorgeous week of weather and numerous hikes of varying degrees of difficulty and variety under my belt.

It’s a big state with probably thousands of trails to choose from, but if you’re attempting to narrow it down, allow me to share my hours of research and firsthand testing with you. These are 6 of the best trails in Washington:

Skyline Trail – 6 Mi, 1794 Ft Elevation Gain

mount rainier national park
The highest point of the trail – amazing

Unless you have total cloud cover, Mount Rainier is hard to miss on the skyline when exploring the

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