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Where to Go & What to Know

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I can’t say enough words of adoration about the American Southwest. It’s one of the most breathtaking places on earth, where the sky somehow manages to be bigger and the land brighter.

Arizona contributes in a big way to the region’s allure. The canyons, arches, mountains, and land formations are at times, out of this world. It would be easy to spend weeks on end exploring all that The Grand Canyon State has to offer.

The best way to take it all in is by camping, which just adds to the outdoor adventure. Read on for Arizona’s must-see spots and the best camping locations to make your home base while you explore them:

North-Central Arizona

Page/Marble Canyon

Horseshoe Bend, one of Arizona’s most famous sights.

In northern Arizona, clustered less than ten miles below the state line, is a handful of the state’s most popular attractions: White Pocket

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How I Healed from My Sister’s Death through Traveling

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The following is a guest post by Sarah Weaver

“We should order pizza.”

We were in Montana on the side of I-90. Waiting for a tow truck. In the snow. 

“I don’t think they deliver pizza to the side of interstate,” I said.

“We won’t know until we call,” my sister said. 

To my sister Melissa, everything was an adventure. Car breaks down? Opportunity to see if we can get pizza delivered roadside. While I watched from the car, my sister hopped a fence and met the pizza guy in a random field. Nothing tastes as good as a hot pizza when you’re waiting for a tow truck in the snow. 

Melissa was the one who taught me how to see the world, in the way only an older sibling can. She taught me to make cookie dough. To use my imagination. To catch a fish.

Melissa (above)
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Land of the Purple Sand: Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA

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Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California is a hidden gem along the coastline. Between the place where the mountains frame the beauty of the beach and the shore meets the surf, you will find “purple” sand sprinkled beneath your toes.

The purple sand deposits are the product of erosion from the manganese garnet that washes down the mountains when it rains. The beach did not disappoint and was worth the trials to get here. In fact, had there been no purple sand, the beach would have been spectacular, nonetheless.

Continue reading and I will help you anticipate and avoid some of the difficulties I faced in trying to find it, and provide you with more information about the small, but stunning beach that is worth your time to explore off the beaten path of California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

The Best Things to Do at Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach

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The Best West Coast Road Trips

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Recent times are forcing us to reevaluate the way we travel. Is it better near home? Could there be amazing adventures in our own backyards? While I’ve had time to think about how travel will look in the future, memories of the open road remind me of the power in a good road trip. Planning your next road trip is an adventure in itself, and gives you a roadmap to getting that fresh air you’ve been craving.

But how can you choose when each area of the United States has its own unique culture, nature, and offbeat adventures? In my opinion, the West Coast is a destination in its own league. I’ve previously shared a blog post dedicated to the road trips in western USA, but I think the northwest deserves a lot more attention as paradise for everything outdoors.

This detailed itinerary takes you from San

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Where to See the Northern Lights in Canada

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In the eyes of the aurora hunter, few places can compete with Canada. It’s the second largest country in the world in terms of area, yet it’s one of the least densely populated with only four people per square kilometer. Combined with the country’s location in the auroral oval, Canada is the perfect (sun) storm. The entire country is basically prime real estate to see the northern lights in its full glory.

Here are some of the best spots to catch the northern lights in the Great White North:

Iqaluit, Nunavut- 63.7 degrees North

Northern lights in Nunavut

About this spot: Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut, Canada’s northernmost territory. Nunavut is huge—it makes up over a fifth of Canada! Most of the territory sits within the Arctic circle, so prepare for temperatures that range from -15°C to -40°C in the winter. If you’re looking to visit a lot of

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The Ultimate Road Trip Essentials Checklist

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I’ve been on a fair amount of road trips in my day. From a camper van in Chile’s Atacama desert to Northern Thailand, the American Southwest and even Tahiti, there’s nothing as freeing as taking your own vehicle and sticking to your own timeline.

Given it’s one of my favorite ways to travel, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned from the last few years of taking road trips around the world. This is my ultimate checklist, the only one you’ll ever need:

For your vehicle:

4x4 camper iceland
Road tripping in Iceland – unforgettable.

Maybe you’re taking your own vehicle, or maybe it’s a rental. Either way, there are a few absolute essentials, as well as things that’ll just make the journey easier and a little bit sweeter.

For yourself:

An amazing road trip in Utah.
  • Water bottle (and fill it up every chance you get)
  • Snacks (I love dried fruits, nuts,
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