10 of the Best Solo Road Trips in the USA

With everything going on in the world right now, a solo road trip has never sounded so appealing. Being out on the open road solo is liberating –adhering to your own schedule, moving at your own pace, and packing your OWN road snacks.

What’s not to love? So pack a bag, turn off those email notifications, and hit the road BMTM style! Here’s our list of the best road trips for solo travelers:

10. Pacific Coast Highway, California

camping in big sur
Camping along Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur at Ventana Campground is just one of the many ways to enjoy this breathtaking trip!

It’s no secret that California is a road trip heaven all year round with its amazing Pacific Ocean views and wide expanses of open road waiting to be traversed. Take your pick from beginning as far south as the Mexico border or as far north as the Oregon border and begin the 1,650 mile adventure as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.

Check out our Pacific Coast Highway Itinerary for ideas for where to stop along the journey. This road trip is great for solo traveling as there are plenty of places to take in the scenery and find the stillness that you’re craving.

9. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia – North Carolina

Winding for 469-miles through the Appalachian Mountains Great Smokey Mountains, and Shenandoah Valley, many say that this is the most beautiful drive in the United States.

Because no big trucks are allowed on the parkway and the speed limit peaks at 45 miles per hour, this is one of the safest drives you could take while traveling alone. Not only that, it’s absolutely brimming with beautiful places to stop along the way and boasts the highest mountain peak in eastern United States!

Read more about the Blue Ridge Parkway road trip here!

8. Chicago to Mackinac Island, Michigan

Beginning in the windy city, this road trip is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the best of the Midwest. Chicago is a multicultural hub and a great solo traveler destination in itself. Start there and make your way north along Lake Michigan on highway 131 North.

As you take in the sight of the lake, you’re sure to find plenty of quaint, historic towns such as Holland, Michigan, home to Nelis’ Dutch Village. The real crowned jewel of this road trip is the final destination, Mackinac Island. Take a ferry from Mackinaw City over to the island and spend a day or two exploring. Mackinac Island is a great springtime destination as it is peak lilac season. They even host an annual Lilac Festival!

7. The Hudson Valley, New York

If you are beginning your solo road trip in or around New York City, consider traversing the Hudson Valley. It’s close enough to NYC to be able to escape to for the weekend, but far enough from the bustle of the city to feel like a true getaway.

This tranquil drive goes through Bear Mountain State Park, which is boasts some amazing views, especially during the fall as the leaves are changing color. The park itself has plenty of hiking trails and camping options for travelers looking to stretch their legs or rest for the night.

The Hudson Valley is also well-known for its expanse of local vineyards. Meet fellow wine-lovers during a wine tour or go it solo if that’s more your speed.

6. Florida’s Overseas Highway

This 125-mile stretch of road is the southernmost leg of the enormous US Highway 1. The Overseas Highway begins in the Florida Everglades and continues all the way through the Florida Keys.

Take in the pristine turquoise waters and deep blue skies while catching a glimpse of Florida’s famous gators and dolphins along the way. Because the highway is suspended above the ocean, it is truly the best way to take in the beauty of the Keys from the comfort of your vehicle.

5. Idaho – Boise to Coeur D’alene

idaho road trip hell roaring lake

Idaho? Yes, Idaho! If you are looking for a nature-filled getaway, Idaho might just be the place for you. As you drive through the state, make sure to make plenty of stops at the beautiful hot springs.

Sometimes the best part of traveling solo is having the opportunity to intentionally connect with nature. Because Idaho isn’t necessarily everybody’s top bucket-list destination, it’s much less touristy than other destinations. That makes it a great choice for anyone looking for some true peace and quiet.

4. Arizona – Natural Wonders

Taken in the upper Antelope canyon in Arizona

It’s no secret that Arizona is absolutely brimming with natural beauty along its highways. Begin your trip in Sedona where you can take on the city alone or venture out and socialize. From there, you can enjoy a variety of short hikes in the area. These are great for solo travelers who might be intimidated by taking any longer hikes alone.

This trip is definitely not recommended to take in the summer months as the temperatures are extreme and traveling alone poses an added risk. Winter and spring are the best times to go, especially if you’re planning on getting out and exploring.

Read more about the best road trip stops in Arizona here!

3. Colorado’s Mountains and More

Colorado’s gorgeous mountains and abundance of hiking is great at any time of year, particularly when the mountains become ski slopes for winter enthusiasts!

But Colorado can also wow you in the summer when the hiking is at its warmest, and in the fall when the colors change to brilliant yellows.

Read more about our Colorado road trip itinerary here.

2. New Mexico’s Gorgeous Landscapes

When you think of New Mexico, do funky western towns, white sand dunes, and the landscape that enchanted Georgia O’Keefe come to mind?

From hot springs to incredible landscape, some dreamy white sands and plenty of western culture, New Mexico offers something for any season.

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1. American Southwest

A fully-equipped camper van is a great option to get the most of this awesome trip!

If you have more time on your hands, consider taking your Arizona road trip a step further and exploring more of what the American Southwest has to offer. From art installations like the Seven Magic Mountains in Nevada to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah, this trip is sure to enchant you the whole way through.

BMTM’s American Southwest Itinerary is full of other suggestions of places to stop along with tips to make your trip the best it can be.

Packing up your car and taking on a solo road trip might sound daunting, but these destinations are sure to make it worthwhile. Finding stillness in nature is a great way to reset and enjoy your own company. Having the Grand Canyon or a hot spring as your backdrop doesn’t hurt, either!

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